November 2012 Photo-a-Day Part 3

I finished my photo-a-day project for November and this is the third installment (Days 21-30).  You can follow this link to see my first 10 days with a link to the list and an explanation of what this project is all about.  My second set is found in the previous post.  So here are my photos for Days 21-30.

Day21-woreDay 21: What you wore.  My husband actually snapped this picture for me.  I’m in a pair of teal corduroy pants from Target, a layered top that I’ve had forever, and a bracelet from Bauble Bar.

Day22-GratefulDay 22: Grateful.  One of the things I was most grateful for this Thanksgiving is my sister, who I love and adore.  We had a few really rough years in the past, but we have really grown to be good friends and I am so glad to have her back in my life.

Day23-blackDay 23: Black.  This is the end-cap of a jumbo eyeliner.  I was not very creative on this day.


Day 24: A sound that you heard.  I was really stumped on how to photograph a sound until I started cooking some onions for dinner and realized that I was hearing the sizzle of them sautéing and went to grab my camera.  (Hello, run-on sentence.  That’s for you, Kelly.)

Day25-skyDay 25: Sky.  This right here is why I am doing this photo-a-day challenge in the first place.  I really like this picture, and it is worth the less-than-fabulous shots and uncreative days to stumble upon a few really nifty shots that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t had a daily assignment.  I went into the parking lot of my apartment complex to shoot the sky at sunset (I was a little late) and thought these branchy trees would look cool silhouetted in the shot.  I got some great black and whites this day as well.


Day 26: In the cupboard.  Here’s a shot of our pantry.

Day27-treeDay 27: Tree.  Our Christmas tree is up and I love it.  Our ornaments are all copper, green, and brown, with some cream and gold thrown in.  I ran some brown and gold ribbon through the tree instead of garland.  I love how it looks.

Day 28: Vehicle.  I’m not sure what happened, but I totally flaked on this one.  Oops.  Oh well.

Day29-bigDay 29: Big.  This is both a really big pizza and was a really big mistake.  We decided to “screw the diet” for the day, and order the new overstuffed pizza from pizza hut.  Unfortunately, the “toppings” are extremely limited, so we opted for the Italian meat trio version.  Bad idea.  Since we switched our diets to eating healthier and more whole foods, my tolerance for this kind of junk food has gone way down.  One slice made me feel sick.  I blame the sausage.  Lessoned learned, and one that will not be repeated anytime soon.

Day30-wallDay 30: On the wall.  This lovely drawing of a steampunk fairy is hanging on the wall in my office.  She was sent to me in a craft swap, and I think she’s awesome.

That concludes my Photo-a-Day Challenge for November.  Obviously not all of my shots were keepers, but I did end up with a few that I really liked.  I am definitely going to continue the project through December.  If you want to do this challenge too, head over to Fatmumslim’s blog, and check out the list for December.  Play along, it’s fun!


2 responses

  1. Awe, your sister thinks your pretty fantabulous too. I love the shot of the sky through the trees and although a mistake, that over stuffed pizza sounds and looks awesome. ❤ I am going to try the photo challenge this month. Should be interesting since my camera broke and I will be using my phone.

    1. Cool! Where are you going to post you pics?

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