November Photo-a-Day (Part 2, Days 11-20)

You can see my first ten days of Fatmumslim’s Photo a Day challenge here, as well as a link to the list and an explanation of what this project is all about.  Again, I didn’t want to bog down a single post with 30 pictures, so I figured that I’d break the month up into three 10-day segments to make loading easier.  This is part two.  As I explained last time, there may be a couple days that I had to double up, but for the most part I’ve been able to keep up the photo a day schedule.

Day 11: Night.  This is part of the Charlotte skyline.  The Duke building (which changes colors) is done up in red, white, and blue lights for Veterans day (though the blue looks more purple in this photo).  I’ve never done night shots before, and it is something that I’d like to try again once I get a tripod.

Day 12: Drink.  These days when I’m doing any “drinking” it’s most likely going to be wine.  We finally found a vineyard here in NC that we really like, so we’ve stocked up.  This is a sampling of the wines we have at home.

Day 13: Where you slept.  Bella takes over my bed during the day.  Almost as soon as it is unoccupied, she jumps up and sprawls out for her daily five-hour nap.

Day 14: Man-made.  I couldn’t think of anything more man-made that day than the consumer mecca that is mall.  I’m glad that I went at night.  I really like how this shot turned out.

Day 15: In your bag.  This is a rather literal interpretation of the day’s assignment, but here is a glimpse inside my purse.  You can see by my wallet and sunglasses that I have quite a fondness for rainbow polk-a-dots that are a little too reminiscent of the 80’s.  Also, it shows that I am ever-prepared and minty-fresh, thanks to my travel tissues and Altoids.

Day 16: The view from your window.  This is what I see every day when I sit at my desk.  The office window faces the stairwell and the building opposite mine, but off to the right is a grouping of trees before the parking lot starts.  Good natural light (for photos) is tough to come by in my apartment thanks to views like this, though the trees are pretty.

Day 17: The last thing you bought.  I snapped this photo when we got back from the Farmer’s Market, so my latest purchases were all from there.  These are probably the last locally grown bell peppers we’ll find until spring.  Everything tasted fantastic.

Day 18: Happened this weekend.  My sister and my niece came over for a visit that day, and we went to Starbucks in the afternoon.  They were offering a BOGO sale on Holiday drinks, so Tim and I indulged in ginormous eggnog lattes.

Day 19: Something awesome.  There was so much awesome on day 18 that it spilled over into my day 19 photo.  My niece Aubrey is hilarious and crazy, and I think that she is totally awesome.  Here she is looking very grown up, as she sips her coffee and eats her chips.

Day 20: Work/play.  I am a beauty blogger, as most of you know, which is a lot of work.  It is also a whole lot of fun, so for my “work/play” photo I snapped a shot of my simple little set up.  I don’t have a light box or any special equipment, but I think I do a decent job with the shots that I take.  I’m proud of my blog and the work that I do over there.  If you haven’t already, check it out at

That’s it for my second set of Photo-a-day challenges.  Stay tuned for the last set as I finish out November.  I hope to have that post up sometime next week.


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  1. Great shot of Aubrey. She does look like she is into quite the conversation over her coffee.

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