My Favorite Things: October 2012

It’s time for My Favorite Things.  For those who aren’t familiar with monthly favorites, this is where I share my favorite non-beauty items of the previous month.  This can include food, clothing, entertainment… you name it.  If you want to see my beauty favorites over at my beauty blog, click here.  I should be putting the monthly favorites post up in the next day or two.

Home-made Pumpkin Butter

I made pumpkin butter for the first time and I absolutely loved it!  I made a relatively large batch, so my husband and I had almost a week of pumpkin goodness.  Other than spreading it out on toast, my favorite use for it was to mix it into my quick oats for fantastic pumpkin spiced oatmeal.  It tasted so good, and I will definitely try it again.  Here is where I got the recipe.  I altered the spices a little because I don’t have cinnamon sticks or pumpkin spice mix.  I ended up using a heaping 1/4 tsp of both ground ginger and ground nutmeg, and a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.  It was perfect for me.

Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Bars

Speaking of pumpkiny goodness, these Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Bars taste like pumpkin pie in bar form.  They are fantastic!  I really like Kashi granola bars, and always have them on hand for a quick snack.  The Pumpkin Spice Flax Bars are perfect for Fall and really satisfy that pumpkin pie craving.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to have one of these for desert after Thanksgiving dinner, but they may help me to hold off eating pumpkin pie until the holiday actually arrives.  😉


I like snack bars (in case you couldn’t tell) and LARABARS have become a real favorite.  What sets LARABARS apart for me is that they have hardly any ingredients.  They literally are just fruit and nuts, with nothing else added to them.  I really appreciate that I know exactly what I am eating with these bars, and they taste great.  My favorite flavors are Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Pie, but LARABAR has a huge variety including Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Coconut Chew, Key Lime Pie, and many more.

Go On

A new TV favorite of mine is Go On starring Matthew Perry.  Go On is sitcom featuring the character Ryan King, a sportscaster trying to move on from the loss of his wife by joining a support group full of wacky characters working through their own issues with the help of a well meaning, but somewhat ineffectual leader.  Frankly, the show is hi-larious!  I was a psych major in college and have spent a decent amount of time in therapy, so the main character’s resistance to the touchy-feely support group and their idiosyncrasies is both familiar and fascinating while making me laugh.  The writing is intelligent, surprisingly touching, and Go On is a really good show in my book.

Dinosaur Sculpture at the UNC Botanical Garden

Finally, I have really been enjoying photography this month.  My anniversary was in early October, and part of our celebratory weekend was spent at the Botanical gardens at UNC Charlotte.  I took several pictures, including a couple of this crazy dinosaur sculpture.  I even got to bust out the macro lens and get some great close up shots of the plants and flowers.  Macro photography is some of my favorite to both take and look at, so I was very excited to use the lens for the first time.  I got my new camera for my birthday in July, so I’m still trying to learn how to use it.  Switching from a point and shoot to a DSLR is a huge difference, and takes a long time to learn, at least for me.  I had a great time playing with my camera this month, and got some excellent shots.  I plan on posting more of my photos here when I get the chance.

That’s it for my favorite things of October.  How about you, what have you been loving this past month?


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