Personal Sausage and Pepper Flatbread Pizza Recipe

No pizza for me, I’m dieting

Pizza.  Who doesn’t like pizza?  The doughy crust, the melted cheesy goodness, it is so yummy.  However, the average pizza is about five million calories (a rough estimate) and not really what you can call “diet food” in any way.  Since I’m trying to lose weight and not gain a clogged artery, I’ve sworn off the real stuff for the time being.  However, the pizza gods still call to me.  So, to curb my pizza craving, I started eating home-made flatbread pizzas.  This lightened up version is actually really good, and very easy to make. I use Flat Out brand flatbread (the multi-grain with flax flavor) as a base.  You just toast it up and top it with your favorite pizza toppings and you are all set.  It doesn’t taste like “real” pizza, but it does taste great.  It satisfies the impulse and keeps me on target to achieve my goals.  You can make any kind of pizza you like.  I really love doing a barbeque chicken and caramelized onions version that is so tasty.  I’m going to show you a more traditional sausage and pepper version today, but feel free to get creative.  You know what you like, and what will satisfy you.  The photos below are of two pizzas that my husband and I made for lunch the other day.  The great part about doing pizzas this way is that it is easy to adjust quantity for all family sizes.  You can feed a family of four just as easily as a single person, or cook some up to share as a snack.

Personal Flatbread Pizza Recipe:

1)  Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.

Toast flatbread

2)  Toast flatbread (I used Flat Out, but you could also use a tortilla or wrap to do this.  Just adjust cooking time for the difference in thickness.)  I lay my Flat Out on a foil wrapped cookie sheet for ease of clean up.  Spray lightly with cooking spray (I use Pam) and bake for 3-4 minutes.  Take out, flip over, and repeat the process to toast up the other side for an additional 2-3 minutes.  Ovens vary (a lot) so keep a close eye on it.  This isn’t a recipe where you can walk away.  These puppies will go from “not quite done” to “charcoal briquet” in a flash, so stay put and watch it carefully.

Add sauce

3)  When flatbread is toasted enough to keep its shape and bear the weight of your toppings, add sauce.  I use Hunt’s Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce.  2 Tbls is plenty of sauce for me, but go with your heart on this one.  Use a spoon to spread the sauce evenly across the whole flatbread, leaving a tiny rim around the edges, so that every bite has sauce on it.

Add Toppings

4)  Add desired toppings and cheese.  For this sausage and pepper pizza, I used one sliced Casual Gourmet Tomato, Basil, & Mozzarella Cheese Chicken Sausage per pizza, and a bell pepper.  We like sweet peppers, so we split a red pepper and a yellow pepper between the two pizzas, but again toppings are where you can get creative.  For cheese I used Sargento Reduced fat 4 Cheese Mexican Blend because that’s what I had on hand, but you can use Mozzarella if you are looking to be more traditional.  One serving of shredded cheese is 1/4 cup (pictured below), though I usually add a bit more because I like my pizza cheesy.  1/3 cup is usually sufficient.

Add Cheese

6)  Return to oven and bake until cheese is melted, around 4 minutes.  Be careful not to burn it.  Again, keep a close eye out and don’t stray too far.  When the cheese is nice and melty, take it out of the oven, cut and serve.  I usually cut it in quarters.

Flatbread Pizza

Like I said, it isn’t the same as your Papa John’s delivery, but it certainly saves you money and calories.  And it tastes great!  This personal flatbread pizza with the toppings that I chose comes to only 380 calories and 17.5 g of fat.  If you can find another sausage pizza with those stats, I’d like to see it.  This would be great with grilled chicken breast instead of sausage, or skip the meat entirely and load it up with veggies to lighten it up even more.  I hope that you give flatbread pizza a try.  Just because you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your pizza and eat it too.


2 responses

  1. Yum. This is perfect for kids who want pizza all the time like mine does.

    1. Absolutely! It’s super easy and very little mess.

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