Has Anyone Else Discovered These?

Cadbury Screme Eggs

I really need to work on posting more in this blog.  Keeping two blogs going at once is tough, but I hope to improve.  Anyway, I’m here today to talk about candy.  Specifically, Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Cadbury Creme Eggs are my absolute favorite Easter candy, and I look forward to them every year.  They are an “extra special” treat that are only available for a limited time.  Or, at least they were.

Enter Cadbury Screme Eggs.  I’ve never seen these before, so I assume that they are new this year for Halloween.  They taste exactly like my beloved Easter version.  The only difference that I can see is that the creamy egg center now has a green yolk instead of yellow, implying that the Cadbury chicken is now an alien, or a zombie, or at the very least has been exposed to large quantities of radiation.

Now, like I said, I love me some creme eggs, but I’m not sure that I’m as thrilled by this new discovery as I would have thought I’d be.  When I first saw the Screme Eggs, I squeed with delight.  But once I started to eat them, I felt strange.  Easter is a long way off.  It doesn’t make sense to eat Easter candy in October.  My brain and my taste buds experienced and unexpected dissonance.  My “extra special” treat is suddenly less special and that ooey gooey center tasted cheap and wrong.  I don’t want Cadbury Creme Eggs to go the way of Peeps.  Peeps used to be an Easter-only tradition as well, but now there is a Peep for every season.  There are so many Peeps about that I never feel the need to buy them anymore, knowing that if I pass on them another round of sugar-coated marshmallowy goodness will pop up just around the corner.  Peeps are the cheap slut of the seasonal candy industry, and I can’t stand to see that happen to a classy candy like Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Where does it end, I ask you.  Where does it end?

But seriously, has anyone else seen these Cadbury Screme Eggs?  Do you think there will be more for Christmas?  Maybe they can make them dark chocolate eggs with a red-yolked peppermint creme center.  That’s festive, right?  Right?


6 responses

  1. I tried them and i absolutely love them!!! more for me than the kids!x

  2. I saw them on the shelves last halloween but haven’t seen any so far this year! Christmas peppermint ones would be kinda amazing 😀

    1. Oh, so I guess they aren’t brand new. Just new to me. Yes, dark chocolate peppermint sounds pretty good to me too. I wonder if they will try to expand, though I’m not nearly as big a fan of the caramel or chocolate filled ones as the originals.

  3. I bought A couple and that is so funny you mentioned the strangeness of it all. I experienced the same feeling, but chocked it up to my moodiness.

    1. Glad it wasn’t just me. I mean, I was totally kidding with this post and think they are great, but it did seem weird to eat Easter candy in October.

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