Signs of Summer Going

I am so excited to see signs of Summer departing from this world once more.  Yes, it is still hot and humid and unbearable, but Summer is definitely on its way OUT.  It’s back to school season and along with the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and the fumes of magic markers, there something else in the air: blessed relief.

I’m going to say it, I HATE SUMMER.  There, it’s out.  I can not stand the heat.  Whenever it starts to creep past 75 degrees I start to get nervous.  Once the temp hits 80, I am certainly uncomfortable and unhappy.  When it hits 90 or higher, I am flat out miserable.  My husband says that I wilt in the heat like a dying flower.  I tell him to throw on an extra blanket as I crank the AC down some more.  It works for us.

While out shopping yesterday, I went to Rite-Aid to peruse the beauty isles and spotted not one, but two Halloween themed displays.  My heart went pitter-patter and a huge grin lit up my face.  A Halloween supply store is being stocked two minutes from my apartment, and its “Now Hiring” sign fills me with delight.  I don’t care that it is still only the middle of August.  Summer, you are going down.  Come to me September, and your gorgeous first day of Fall.  I’m waiting, so please hurry.



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  1. Deborah Burchard | Reply

    I could not agree more. As far as I am concerned the Sun Goddess struck some kind of bargain to overly express herself. Ok lady get off the stage. The fat lady is dead.

    1. Seriously! I hope the winter is long and cold this year to make up for how puny it was last year.

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